Roxanne "Roxy" Morton was a Kingsman agent by the codename of Lancelot. She was recruited for Kingsman by agent Percival. She is one of the protagonists in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Little is known about Roxy's background, although it is evident she came from a fairly well-to-do family. Roxy is close friends with Gary "Eggsy" Unwin. She is portrayed by Sophie Cookson.


Roxanne "Roxy" Morton was born on September 22, 1992 to a reasonably wealthy family in England. Very little is known about her childhood.

Recruitment for Kingsman

Roxy was recruited by the Kingsman agent Percival to compete for the open position of Lancelot. She was one of only two girls chosen. She also befriends Eggsy Unwin during her recruitment. When the cadets were instructed to pick a dog, she picked a poodle. Eggsy sniggered at this, but she retorted back by telling him poodles were the oldest working breed of gundog.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Roxy rides a high-altitude balloon into the stratosphere to disrupt Valentine's impending broadcast by destroying one of his satellites, while Eggsy and Merlin infiltrate Valentine’s mountain bunker complex in northern Siberia. Roxy downs the satellite, but Valentine gets a business contact to replace it, then activates the signal, causing mayhem worldwide. It is evident that Roxy has a profound fear of heights, both during training and the mission, due to her seemingly panicked state and inability to control her descent. After a while, Roxy is told by Eggsy to call his mum and tells Roxy to tell her to lock herself away from Dean and the baby.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Since the events of the last film, Roxy has become a full agent, and has taken up residence at the Kingsman Headquarters.

While Eggsy was having dinner with Princess Tilde and her parents, he attempted to impress them, and so he had Roxy feed him information on sophisticated topics brought up by Tilde's father (via earpiece and glasses).

After Charlie's Cybernetic Arm hacked the Kingsman network, the Golden Circle launched ICBMs on all Kingsman residences and locations in an effort to exterminate them, including the Kingsman mansion headquarters which she was residing in. She hurried out of bed when mansion was utterly destroyed.


Shortly after Roxy's death, Eggsy and Merlin make a toast to honour Roxy, along with JB, Arthur and the other 8 fallen Kingsman agents. Towards the end of The Golden Circle, Eggsy kills Charlie, avenging Roxy.





  • Roxy is right-handed, as Harry explains that all Kingsman Agents wear their ring on whatever hand is dominant; in The Golden Circle Roxy can be seen wearing the ring on her right hand.
  • Roxy once suffered from acrophobia, which nearly costed her position during the third-to-last test.