Michelle Unwin is Gary Unwin's mother. After the death of her first husband Lee Unwin, Michelle entered into an abusive marriage with Dean Baker, and gave birth to Daisy Baker.

Kingsman: The Secret Service


When she learned of her husbands death from Harry Hart, she was distraught, and rejected the medal from the Kingsman agency. Therefore it was given to her next of kin, Eggsy.

Dating Dean

At some point, she began dating Dean Baker; and gave birth to Daisy Baker (probably one to two years prior to the events of the film).

Valentine's Attack

When Richmond Valentine activated his sim cards, Michelle was told by Roxy Morton to lock her daughter in the bathroom, and throw away the key. When the card was activated she began banging on the bathroom door, before grabbing a butcher knife and cutting through the door. However, the remaining Kingsmen stopped Valentine's signal before Daisy was hurt.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Michelle did not appear much in the film, although it is presumed she moved into a house with her daughter thanks to Eggsy's new job, and was able to escape Dean.

Eggsy's Wedding

She did appear at the end of the film, at Eggsy and Tilde where she wore a fancy hat and looked happier than previously scene.