Professor James Arnold was a physics professor at Imperial College in London. Professor Arnold's teachings and research revolved around Gaia Theory.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

In Argentina, seventeen years after the failed mission in Afghanistan, Lancelot tracks Professor Arnold to a property in the Argentine mountains, having become aware of his kidnapping by unknown forces headed by Gazelle, Richmond Valentine's right-hand henchwoman. Valentine personally shows up after Gazelle has dealt with Lancelot to question Arnold about his knowledge of Gaia Theory and convince him to join him in his plan to save the planet. Valentine places a radio-sensitive chip in Arnold's neck before releasing him to go back to his life.

When Galahad finds that Arnold has been released, he meets him in a classroom at Imperial College and interrogates him about who captured him and why they let him go. Overhearing the conversation, Valentine detonates the implant in Arnold's neck blinding Galahad, and in fleeing, the diversion of the explosion set off by Galahad sends him into a coma.