Chester King is the tertiary antagonist and leader of Kingsman from an unknown point in time prior to 1997 until 2014. However, he later betrays Kingsman, as he is in league with Valentine's plot to wipe out most of the human race for a New World Order.

He is portrayed by English actor Michael Caine.


Recruiting for the new Lancelot

When the Kingsman position of Lancelot is left vacant after the death of the previous agent, Chester and the other agents of Kingsman recruit several candidates to fill the positon. Chester personally recruits Charles Hesketh.

As part of their final test, Chester and Merlin take finalists Eggsy and Roxy into separate rooms and order them to shoot their dogs. Unbeknownst that the gun is full of blanks, Eggsy fails to shoot his dog, and Chester, who was monitoring the test, sends Eggsy home leaving Roxy to become the next Lancelot.

The 'Death' of Harry Hart

Chester is amongst the other Kingsman agents as they watch a live video feed of Harry fighting in a corrupt church where, afterwards, Harry is shot by Valentine after Harry killed everyone in the church.

Betrayal and Death

Later, as Chester and Eggsy toast to the deceased Harry, Eggsy finds out that Arthur has betrayed Kingsman and become one of Valentine's converts as he has an implanted scar under his ear. Chester is then tricked into drinking poisoned brandy and dies as Eggsy watches. His last words were, to Eggsy, "You little fucking prick!".