Champagne is the leader of the American spy agency Statesman. He is portrayed by Jeff Bridges in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Champagne first appears in Kingsman: The Golden Circle when he greets Eggsy Unwin and Merlin with his back turned, then turns around, takes off his hat, throws it across the room right onto a nebuchadnezzarnote  of champagne, apologizes sincerely for all misunderstandings between the Statesmen and the Kingsmen that had happened thus far, and offers them any support he can give, all the while he's sampling whiskey.

He's deeply concerned about Tequila's well-being when the latter is laid low by Poppy's tainted drugs, and immediately dispatches everyone to track down the cure regardless of what the POTUS or anyone else thinks about it. His other interactions with the rest of his team show that his devotion to them is just as strong. He's constantly taking a sniff or a swish of bourbon while discussing important strategies with the Statesman and the Kingsmen. He doesn't actually swallow anything, however, and keeps a spittoon by his chair.